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Your Personal Chart! 

This is the first thing you will receive  when you book a Consultation with me to read your Numerology Birth Chart. 

I will send you a photograph of your chart in an email so you can print it out to take notes while we talk on the phone or on Zoom.

If you are a woman with a married name, or have any sort 

of a name change, I will also include that name as I have done 

here with Michelle Obama's Birth Chart.

Here you can see the placements of the most important 

lifelong numbers, as well as the timing of the 

Major Life Cycles in the Birth Date part of the chart.

First, her Soul Number 9 - Shows what she wants the most, which is to find Universal Love for humanity, to become a Humanitarian. 

Next, we see her Personality Number 7- how others see her...

which matches her Expression Number 7, Who She Is. Number 7 is always about learning and teaching. Since those numbers match, she is who she seems to be, which is a teacher, and a student of life. 

She is continually learning things that benefit others 

(remember, she longs to become a Humanitarian) 

Next we see that when she married her husband, Barack- 

her name became 9/9 = 9! She manifested her Soul's longing! 

An added name brings added energy...she entered the world stage and used her teaching abilities on a much broader scale.

I could speak in depth for a long time about those two numbers alone,

as this was only the most basic interpretations of those numbers. 

But there's more to tell you here...

There is a horizontal line that separates her name numbers 

from her birthdate numbers. 

Her birthdate numbers are where we find the timetable for her life. 

Her Life Path number is the Master Number 11/2 - the Visionary. 

And Michelle has a Vision to help the children in our country to be healthy - so she planted a garden and made it a priority 

to teach health and fitness to parents and children. 

When her husband left office in 2017, it was in January, 

the month of her birthday - when she began a Personal Year number 1 - the beginning of a new 9-Year Cycle... 

a time for her to invent her life anew once more.

There are so many more numbers on this chart -to decode... just as

there will be on your chart... and each one tells a story of your talents, your gifts, your challenges, your relationships, your karmic journey and more. 

Several of them describe how you are likely to respond in all 

the major areas of life experience. 

Many of them will help you understand and utilize the energy within yourself to co-create what you most want your life to be.

But first - we will be looking at your most important lifelong numbers: 

*  Your Soul Number: What you are longing to find in life

*  Your Expression Number: Who You Are 

*  Your Life Path Number: that your Soul's Blueprint set out for you to travel       in this lifetime 

*  Your Power Number: when you are living fully your Life's Purpose.        


From your Birthdate, I will tell you the timing for your Major Opportunities 

and the areas in which they are most likely to be found. 

Finally we will look at your current Personal Year - from birthday to birthday - and see what lessons and gifts are waiting for you there, as each year contributes to your growth and happiness on your travels through life.

          And if you are no longer young - know that it is never too late 

                             to let yourself become who you really are!