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Numerology has helped me to guide myself for over 40 years...

and 14 years ago, Heart-Healing Coaching healed my own heart !

From the moment I discovered with Numerology what was possible to see about me... my talents, my challenges,  my gifts, my karma, my soul's longing, the very essence of who I am, and why I'm here, and where I'm going - (and what was the whole point of my life anyway?) - I was hooked! And I have been reading charts and teaching others how to read them so I could share all of this excitement - all these years since!

Fourteen years ago, I met the late Debbie Ford, whose books and teachings transformed my heart from the pain of an unhappy childhood and my own divorce, giving me the gift of loving myself and living a fulfilling life at last. I studied and trained with Debbie for 3 years, and it is her coaching method that I offer to you.

Spiritual Divorce is the coaching model that will support you to heal from a breakup of any kind.

The Blueprint Model is designed to help you in releasing and healing from any limiting beliefs from your past in order to envision and manifest an empowered life with new goals moving forward.