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 Who Are You? And why Are You Here?




When you are a Seeker, these are the most basic questions to ask yourself!

And I am so delighted to be able to show you  the wonder of finding your own Soul's Blueprint through the ancient art and science of Numerology! To be able to give you answers to those powerful questions above, and more...Where are you going? How can you get there? What is your Life's Purpose, and how can you find it and fulfill it?.. All these answers are waiting for you to discover!

In the decoding of your Birth Name, 

(where I trade letters for numbers) you will discover what your Soul is most longing for, and the Expression of all that you are -

this is your empowered vehicle for  navigating your journey in this lifetime

with the Blueprint that I believe your Soul created before birth! 

Next, you will discover that the exact path for this journey is found in the numbers of your own Birthdate!

In a nutshell, Numerology shows you why you came to this life, what you want from it, who you are in your highest version of yourself, what you've come to experience, what you wanted to learn along the way - where you're going and why!

Could your life be even more joyful and fulfilling if you really know yourself?

I absolutely believe it to be true!




This provides deep insight into both persons, and into your relationship with each other...so helpful for lovers, parent/child, friends, 

or business associates.

There are 3 separate sessions in a joint consultation...

an individual one for each person, 

and then one with both of you together. 

The important objective 

is for each person to first understand themselves; then in the joint session to learn more about each other, finding a new mutual understanding and appreciation. You learn how your intentions can intersect and support one another.

In this way, each person will have a better sense of who they are in the relationship, what they want from it, and what they are willing to contribute 

to it's success.

Now you can both approach life together anew, for the benefit of all


My intention is that you will be encouraged to move forward with greater energy and inspiration to recreate the lives you came here to live.

I recommend that each of the three sessions be held on separate days.



I have been loving teaching Numerology for over 40 years - with groups and individuals, with classes in person, teleclasses by phone, and online. 

In my book 


I pass along the method I use so that you can learn to construct and interpret your own chart!

So many of my students have told me they cannot wade through deep texts in thick volumes of classic Numerology books, in order to create and understand their numbers - so I have simplified the process for you.

When you have mastered this, 

and want further study, 

you will enjoy going deeper 

into those more complex books.

There is ALWAYS more to learn!

Individual & Group Classes:

Fees Vary. 

If this is calling to you, please call me or send me a message asking for information.



"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

~Mary Oliver, from "The Summer Day"

Testimonials fro‚Äčm clients & students

Larry Talley,

Artist & Writer

Master Numerologist Sherle Stevens not only escorts you to the threshold of your illuminated Divine Journey, but also walks through the door with you as you explore your own uniquely enumerated Sacred Destiny. The information imparted to me in our consultations has provided me with powerful answers about myself and my Destiny that have served me well on my own spiritual path to more awareness, more confidence, more clarity- and more appreciation of both my own significant Singularity and my distinct Oneness with a Divinely Configured Universe.

Diane Eichenbaum,

Master Astrologer

Sherle Stevens, a

Master of ancient knowledge, has written a book of infinite wisdom that is easy to understand and to utilize. She is a Master Numerologist who is gifted with the power of numbers.

Katie Carlone, Master Coach & Life Strategist

Learn from the best - let renowned teacher and Master Numerologist Sherle Stevens walk you step by guided step to unlock the mysteries that Numerology can reveal - your gifts, your challenges, and your best way forward. Sherle has been my 'go-to' advisor for years, and I love how her book condenses so much of her exprience and wisdom into one easy to follow roadmap. It so clearly turns a sometimes confusing topic into a personal, reveletory experience. I urge you to open The Numerology Playbook and the let the magic begin!

Marla Goldberg, Medium & Mindset Mentor

I am still in awe of the insights that came through my numerology reading with Sherle. My experience brought validation, clarity, and a renewed confidence that I am living my Soul's Purpose. I feel immense gratitude for Sherle's innate wisdom, generous sharing from her heart, and articulate, clear communication of what my numbers revealed. She empowered me to know that I have the inner resources, strengths, and unique gifts to create the life I desire. Sherle providees a priceless experience that will support you to joyfully express the life you were born to live.

Dr. Judy Knowles, Healer &


Sherle's is a beautiful blend of an easy-to-learn system, coupled with brilliant, intuitive concepts that join together to weave the tapestry of a person's story of possibilities.


Thressa, Writer

Sherle will amaze you with her intuitive insight! She has a magical relationship with numbers and their energy! After a Numerology reading with her, you will feel so encouraged and supported to unleash your unique gifts! Her book will enchant you into learning more about the numbers in your life and their power!

Lea Marlin, 

Artist & Designer

"Sherle is a very talented Numerologist. She has helped me through some very difficult times in my life by looking at my chart and giving me a wonderful perspective on what is currently going on in my life. I felt reassured and validated by some of the decisions I was making through her interpretations. I highly recommend having a consultation with her!"