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My New Book ~

 "The Numerology Playbook: Charting Your Path With Numbers"

Your copy is waiting on Amazon!

I'm so glad you dropped in...

I'd love to share with you my passion for helping you find your Soul Purpose and

live your Intended Destiny!

However you found me, I believe it's synchronicity that brought you here. There is a connection between those of us who are longing to know more about why we're here, and my longing to share with you what I've learned about how to understand that. And, even more wonderfully - how to use that awareness to live fully from the joy of your being.

Call me to book a Numerology Consultation, 

or to discuss a Heart-Healing Coaching plan made especially for you





In the decoding of your Name, 

(where I trade letters for numbers) you will discover what your soul is most longing for, and the essence of all that you are -

this is your empowered vehicle for  navigating your journey in this lifetime! Next, you discover that the exact path for this journey is found in the numbers of your own Birthday!

In a nutshell, Numerology shows you why you came to this life, what you want from it, who you are in your highest version of yourself, what you've come to experience, what you wanted to learn along the way, and where you're going and why.

How is your journey going so far?

Could it be even more joyful if you really know yourself?




In a joint consultation, the important objective is for each person (whether in a personal relationship, such as lovers, spouses, parent/child, friends -or in a business relationship) to first understand themselves,  and then the other person, and ultimately to realize how to work and play nicely together, for the benefit of all.

The joint session is scheduled after each person has had an individual session with me, and been able to digest their own chart.

In this way, each person will have a better sense of who they are in the relationship, what they want from it, and what they are willing to contribute to it's success.

Can the relationship be even better? Yes!





There was a song that said "Everybody needs somebody sometime..." and while it's true that we do pretty well on our own... there often comes a time

on our journey when we want someone to have our back... to give us share their wisdom - or to simply support us to get back on track when we're off, for whatever reason.

And those reasons are many... a breakup or divorce, a death, the loss of a job or career, the empty nest... or maybe the lifelong echoes of a painful past.

Heart-healing coaching, 

based on the transformative books and teachings of the late 

Debbie Ford,  

has been life-changing for me and for many thousands of people in the world.

Weekly sessions, $800. monthly

What would it take for you​ to dare to live your most empowered life?