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I'm so glad you dropped in...

I'd love to share with you my passion 

for helping you

find your Soul Purpose 

and live your Intended Destiny!

However you found me, I believe it's synchronicity that brought you here. There is a connection between those of us who are longing to know more about why we're here, and my longing to share with you what I've learned about how to understand that. And, even more wonderfully - how to use that awareness to live fully from the joy of your being.

What would it take for you​ to dare to live 

your most empowered life?

What might you discover if you were shown your Soul's Blueprint?

If you could remember what your Soul had planned for you in this lifetime on Earth - you wouldn't need a Numerology reading! 

You would be so clear about your Life's Purpose, and so aware 

of which gifts and strengths you had brought along in order to fulfill it, that you wouldn't need to ask anyone's advice. 

You would already be aligned with your greatest passions, 

and happily involved in developing the skills needed to succeed in 

your perfectly chosen field. 

You would know exactly what your challenges were, and you would know where to go within yourself to meet them. 

And those people you met along the way would likewise be cheerfully enthralled with their own Life's Purpose too, because those are 

the type of people you would attract. 

Imagine how easily all our relationships would flow 

if we were all so in tune with our Soul's intention for our lives.

That sounds like a wonderful dream, doesn't it? 

But most of us do not recall the Blueprint that our Souls created, 

and this is exactly why the ancient art & science of Numerology and 

Astrology have remained so useful in our time... 

thousands and thousands of years later than their mysterious origins...because both of these methods are able to decode 

these Soul Blueprints. 

In Numerology, this is found by exchanging letters for numbers 

in the original Birth Name. 

When I see the number for your Soul, this tells me what you long 

to find in your life, what you are searching for... and the number of your Expression shows me who you are... what your vehicle for navigation 

is on your journey here.

The Soul number alone will resonate with you as your guiding light, and your Expression number will feel like the glove that finally fits, reminding you who you really are! 

With this beginning,  you will be renewed to set forth, 

fortified for the Journey. 

And that is where your Birth Date comes in... for that will tell us 

your Life Path...where you intended your life to be leading! 

As for finding your Life's Purpose - it is lived most fully when you are  living the Expression of Who Your Are, and traveling on the Journey your Birth Date Life Path has set forth. Then you are standing fully in your Power, and living your Life's Purpose!

As for your strengths, talents, gifts and challenges (and some karmic focus..) those we will explore through further decoding of your Birth Name. There's so much more to learn here about you!

And as we look more closely at your Birth Date information, it will be apparent that there are 3 Major Life Cycles, each symbolizing a primary opportunity to be found within a specific area of experience and in a specific period of time... with each also carrying it's own challenge.

And to narrow it down even further, each Major Cycle is composed of 9-year cycles, with each Personal Year inviting you to master another phase of life, offering you another teaching - and another gift.

How would it feel being fully expressed, allowing yourself

to be deeply seen, and to be traveling your true Life Path,

standing in your Power?

Why don't we remember all these things about ourselves from birth? 

Because we're very busy in this world, just learning to get along 

with others, trying to get our needs met in so many ways

 - in other words, just trying to survive.

We have multiple relationships with so many people, 

living out so many roles...first as a child, then a teenager, adult, spouse, parent, friend, colleague, associate, boss, employee, patient, client... 

we mean so many different things to so many different people. 

We have spent our whole lives learning about the world outside ourselves - in books, online, in school, in business, at home, in travel,

in all our dealings with others.

And  then one day we may stop to realize, there is something missing. 

We haven't learned much about ourself. 

We may feel that we haven't done many of the things we wanted to - 

and yet we aren't sure of what those things actually were... 

just  having a sense of not feeling really fulfilled.

Or there may even be a memory of an earlier dream or goal 

that we put aside because it wasn't possible to pursue at the time 

for any number of reasons. And now it seems too late. 

(But is it, really?)

We may feel stuck. In a rut. As if Life is passing us by... 

and we still haven't found - or accomplished - IT. 

Which is not true at all...it is never too late to become who you really are- to honor and express the gifts you were born with!  In other words - 

to live the life your Soul intended!

Returning to a deep inner knowing of what you really want in your life,  

it is exciting to follow that with a conviction to LIVE from that revelation!

What might be possible for you if you followed through on your deepest belief in yourself? If you dared to pursue a new avenue of interest connected to your Soul's longing for you to experience in this lifetime?

What heretofore unrealized dream might awaken? 

What might be possible if you embraced your talents and gifts and expressed them - OUT LOUD?


If you faced your challenges and  took them on to receive the gifts found in mastering the lessons?

Imagine what it might be like to leave doubt and distraction behind? To move beyond resistance and struggle - into intention and commitment to creating your best life... to replace disappointment with fulfillment!

What is your gift that the world is waiting for....

that your Heart is longing to share?

Having your Soul's Blueprint revealed to you in a Numerology Consultation is a thrilling experience - seeing that who you might wish you were, or hope you are - is actually all written down on paper with letters and numbers that are decoded to show you the answers that are key to your life!

And then all you have to do is -


You can call me to book a Numerology Consultation, 

or to discuss individual or group classes.

(1) 214-403-4583

My Book ~

 "The Numerology Playbook: Charting Your Path With Numbers"

now you can learn to create your own chart !

Your copy is waiting on Amazon - with a "Look Inside" feature!